Blackjack Advisory Software

January 1, 2009

Helping hand playing Blackjack

We have just released our Blackjack Advisory Software.
Built to help YOU beat the online casinos! With our software you will be able to play Blackjack even better than a Pro.

The software is based on an statistical algorithm and will show you the best possible next action while playing a game of Blackjack. It will prevent you from making any bad decisions due to difficult game situations or a lack of concentration.

Playing Blackjack, while running the software in the foreground, will highly increase the chance of winning from the casino’s. Soon the dealers won’t like to see YOU at their Blackjack tables. Be one of the first to profit.

Free Blackjack Software

Free Blackjack Software

You can get a FREE copy of our software by signing up to one of the tested casino’s shown in the sidebar. When you sign up to a casino you will receive a user number. Enter this number in the validation form and we will immediately send your FREE copy of the Blackjack Advise Software when we have validated your user number.

It’s $249,- worth of software earned in just 2 minutes and your chance to finally start beating the online blackjack casino’s!

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